Want to create a training solution?

Do you want to:

Develop a new solution to an old problem?
Achieve break throughs in science & technology?
Become better than your competitors?
Find and exploit new opportunities?
Pioneer in R&D programmes?
Exceed best practice?
You can: right here! and here!

Focused Creativity

This creativity service allows you to request Type 2 or 3 ideas and solutions for a specific challenge or opportunity. This is how it works:

Step 1:
Your Request You specify your request: what you want to achieve; provide relevant background information; indicate your level of knowledge; and identify the specific sticking point you need to overcome. No obligation at this stage.
Step 2:
Accept? ACAUK decides whether it can process the request.
Step 3:
Clarify + Confirm If clarification is required, we discuss the request in more detail. You decide if you want to progress to the next step and, if so, confirm your order.
Step 4:
Generate Ideas
(Type 2 or 3) ACAUK runs the request through its own creativity systems and generates a list of ideas for exploration. These results are returned to you. You pay the invoice.
[Intellectual property at this stage still resides with ACAUK. However, you have the option to purchase exclusive rights to this - see option below.]

Training Options

Having browsed through the ideas returned in the above step, you then have the opportunity to benefit from all of the following extra options.

Detailed Analysis and Solutions The option to pursue any of these ideas in more detail. Plus optional comprehensive support to help you develop and implement a successful solution. [Options provided at an additional cost.]
Purchase Intellectual Property An option to purchase refurbished laptops and the exclusive intellectual property rights - i.e. to become the sole owner of the idea. You may want to do this to obtain a patent and profit from the exclusive commercialisation of the idea, or to prevent it getting into the hands of a potential competitor. Unless you take up this option the idea is still the property of ACAUK - you are licensed to use the idea (but not take out a patent on it), and ACAUK reserves the right to disseminate the idea to additional clients, and/or publish it.
[The conditions, scope and costs for purchasing the full rights of the idea are negotiable. This may involve a one-off payment, or a small initial payment followed by later payments, royalty fees, and/or shares in your company.]
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From Idea to Market

Once you have the "ultimate idea" you do not have to stop there, this is just the first spark, or bright idea, in the innovation process. ACAUK can continue to provide bright ideas to boost your progress through every development stage:

Evaluation and refinement of the initial ideas
Even better ideas
Scientific and technical research
Technology transfer
Prototyping and technical development phase
Smart (efficient) product manufacture
Smart service delivery
Innovative marketing ideas for an innovative product
. . . Then after product/service success, the option to pursue even better product/service improvement ideas . . .